About Us

Hi there and welcome to my website. I live in Northern California and started working in Graphic Design about 10 years ago. It started with creating computer art with a number of different programs like Photoshop, Flash, Paint Shop Pro, Poser, Terragen, etc. It then began to extend into more advanced programs like Adobe After Effects, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Illustrator, and most recently Unity 5.4.

…a little more about me:

I started with a number of years in all phases of residential construction. Fine finish work was always my favorite. I have been able to use my creativity to design and build my own wood working projects for many many clients. The same creative skills, along with the experience of working with hundreds of customers in my own business was a perfect gateway for my real passion, Graphic Design. I really love to create just about anything. I began working part time with Graphic Design about 10 years ago, mentored by a friend who owned a very large, successful advertising company. I learned a lot about Design as well as the psychology of advertising. I earn my A+ Certification from Microsoft (since I couldn’t afford a tech service for my hardware), and a number of Certifications in Adobe Products. I began with my own business branding companies, designing logos, creating video documentaries, social media, and worked remotely with a company creating Internet Flash ads for major car companies.

I am currently working with Autodesk Maya and the Unity Gaming engine, creating gaming assets. I am addicted to the Virtual Reality Industry including Hololens.
Here’s my current list of programs I work with:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Flash
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Camtasia Studios
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk Mudbox
Unity 5.4

Currently studying:
C# programing

I am beginning a new phase where I will be spending all of my time in Freelance Graphic Design. Before you start leaving comments, I am fully aware of the risk as well as the percentage of those who are not successful as a Freelancer. (I love a good challenge). I will be creating a daily Blog which will keep people informed how my progress is going, as well as posting suggestions for others who may have the same desire.

Thanks for reading through, stick around and see our progress!

Oh, I love the Beach, I grew up on the Beach and lived there for @ 30 years, then moved to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado for 20 years, and now I’m back in Northern California. My plan is to return to living at the beach on the central coast in November. I also love fly fishing, hiking, dirt bikes, horses, and family. (I think I should I have put that first, lol).

Peace, Greg   

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