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Welcome to your Maya Quiz - 17 Points Possible

1) Where can you find the "Multi-Cut Tool?

2) What key do you press to display the "Shaded Mode"?
3) In Order to Connect the skeleton and the skin, you use what tool?
4) Maya can export several formats, pick one format.
5) In the "Insert Edge Loop Tool, what is the maximum number of edges that can be added using the "Multiple Edge Loop" Option?
6) What HOT Keys can undo the last command?
7) What Hot Keys are used to create a duplicate of a mesh?
8) Which of the following is NOT a real tool?
9) Which Hot Key Zooms and Centers your selected Mesh?
10) What is the User -Accessible Programming language of Maya?
11) What is an NGon?
12) A Polygon Sphere, by default, has mow many height divisions?
13) How many hours a week do you work on Maya?



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