5 thoughts on “Gnome

    1. Thank you, and sharing is not a problem at all. I’ve actually been working on a series of these in my spare time. I’ll try to get them uploaded soon. (We’re planning a free model download page as well).

  1. Sure. I have several Hardware and Software companies that have agreed to donate free things for me to give away in drawings, as long as I can bring up the amount of subscribers I have, and give them recognition on my website. We’re already pretty close but I’ve asked people to help out and pass the word around so we can get more subscribers. No strings attached from you guys, no money, no memberships to join, no agreeing to do anything, just subscribe here for free. Every two weeks I’ll randomly draw a name from the subscriber list and bingo, you get something sent for free like a video card, memory sticks, or some software. I get more subscribers (then maybe I can sell some advertising to pay for my site, lol), the companies get recognition for being totally cool and donating stuff (I’ll post there names in my blog), and you guys get the free things out of it, everybody wins. I was trying to figure out a way to help everybody out and this is the plan. Even if I don’t get enough subscribers, I’ll donate the things for free, but it’s a lot better to have the bigger companies do it, they can donate a lot cooler stuff. I would post the item being given away, then the winner can write a post and say thanks once they receive it, that way every one knows it’s all above board. Pretty cool huh!

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